Payment Methods

At, we offer the flexibility of different types of payments, and they are:

  1. Paypal = Excellent service, Secure 99.99% . for more information about this payment method please visit
  2. Cash Payments = Easy to pay, and also a chance to share a cup of tea or coffee with us! :D 
  3. Wire Transfers/Deposit = We offer you the chance to pay us directly to our bank account, the process is "simple" like (quantum mechanics), once you are the checkout page choose Bank Transfer and click continue, the page will show you the bank details and complete the order, once this is done, our website will send you the confirmation of your order with all the details of it, you must make the deposit into our bank and send us the confirmation or receipt copy's to our email [email protected], this process could take up to 7 working days to be processed depending of the country/banks and type of deposit you have made (cash/Cheque/Transfer). once we have confirmed the current deposit we will start packaging and process the order to your selected address. uff... this process is quite complicated we still like most the two first ones :D.
  4. C.O.D.  Collect on Delivery = This process is quite easy going without rush or complicated steps like the one above :S, it works as it sounds, We will send the items directly to your address and you will pay us in cash the price of the order including the shipping and handling process. unfortunately, this option is only available for the Residents of Ireland in Dublin, this process could take up to 7 working days depending on the item selected and the availability of it in our office in Dublin, as we ship all our products from a different location in the UK. Please contact us for more information about the items you may want to order with this option.