About Us Lookyourbike.com

We are a company dedicated to selling and online distribution of bicycles, accessories and sporting goods, which emerged from the passion for the sport and commitment to cycling. We have a variety of brands and models that are directed from the youngest to the 3rdage, offering trust, responsibility and if advice when your purchase is necessary.

Meantime, we went increasingly involved in the cycling world and in turn learning according to demand required by our customers much more about social networking and sales systems on-line.



 June 2013

 We started buying bicycles and accessories of other local businesses and by publishing in various social networks including Ireland ranked pages.


August 2013

Seeing the need to grow up as a company and stop selling as a personal name, we decided to form the companyHaxcop Limited Co # 531,855 in Ireland and to start getting the products that nowadays we are offering, directly from the manufacturers and distributors in Europe to offer better prices and better quality services.


September 2013

We decided to create a purchasing a domain name online, called (Lookyourbike.com) and start designing our own website (5 actuals changes from baseline in various platforms), which this is maintained until the current date.


July 2014

We decided to integrate the service with UPS shipments express company as an alternative option for urgent orders and shipments outside Ireland.



Throughout our brief history, we have been increasingly involved in offering, improve and expand our service, thanking all our customers for always being there and helping us to improve every day more. What matters most to us is to make our customers happy.


All for the cyclist and passion for the sport...


Thanks again, his friend CarlosLozada Director and Owner of Lookyourbike.com (Haxcop Limited).